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YMCA Parent Centre - Northampton

This building was known as the "YMCA Parents Centre" which was located on Cheyne Walk which is in Northampton town center. This centre offered a variety of servises that help promote a positive family and there relationships, It is one of the largest providers of childcare and school-based iniatives.

Now the building is more or less an empty shell, used by local skaters and also by local graffiti artists. The building is opposite the NHS General Hospital and Beckets park. There is no story about why this building no longer exists so the only reasons could have been that there was a lack of funding for the area or the building contained dangerous substances such as asbestos.

YMCA England supports and represents the work of 135 YMCAs providing professional and relevant services that make a difference to the lives of young people in over 250 communities. The YMCA reaches out to over 1 million young people each year, working with them at every stage of their lives and offering support when and where they need it most. Founded over 160 years ago, the YMCA in England builds on a long history of providing a place for young people to find acceptance, community and activity.



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