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Old Meals on Wheels Centre - Northampton - Site A (DEMOLISHED)


As many of you will already know Meals-On-Wheels is a service typically ran by the NHS to provide hot cooked meals to the elderly or disabled, they cook the meal and deliver it to there door. Around 2002-2003 the Meals-On-Wheels centre closed and relocated it's self as part of the re-development of the Northampton General Hospital, I could not get much information about the building and that's probably because there isn't much! The building is not incredibly old, possibly 70's/80's but no earlier. It seems that when the building closed they did not plan to take anything with them, many items were left, including industrial kitchen equipment and heavy duty office equipment. The doors are left wide open on Site A and there are signs of homeless people sleeping there, however there was no trace of drug use. Site B is boarded and bolted and there is no immediate access at this time. There is also heavy amounts of graffiti in all rooms of the building and some are very impressive, local vandals have literally taken this place apart but nothing has been taken.


We went to this site in a team of four,the building consisted of two kitchens and two industrial fridges, an office block, a cafe and a huge storage room there was also a small waiting area. The building has no signs of collapse and still holds a good structure. Meals-On-Wheels is located behind the Northampton NHS Hospital and next to the Harley Davidson Garage.



Tom Quigley 6 September 2009 at 07:04  

Nice pics, not been here before, looks like an interesting place!

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