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L&H Polymers LTD. - Northampton

L&H Polymers is located in Great Billing, Northampton adjacent to the Great billing garden centre, The factory was once a large busy place of work which developed the flooring for the Northampton bus station as well as some of the flooring in the London Underground as well as the Tokyo Underground in Japan. The business has now closed and what's left of the factory has been left to rot and decay. All of the floor's inside are damn and moss has began to grow from the stone floor. Most of the roof has fell through and all doors have been removed.

The factory has a heavy amount of good quality graffiti pieces inside and also has a very dark and cold feel around the whole place, The building has a very large amount of asbestos inside so caution has to be taken if you are thinking about visiting the site, there is also traces of factory waste in some areas of the factory which should be approached with extreme caution as they could possibly be toxic. The building itself is heavily guarded by 24/7 security, there is a cabin at the front of the site which has a permanent guard on site.
This photo above is of the main factory area, there is still some factory equipment left at the complex and a huge boiler of some sort left in the centre of the factory. When in this area I recommend wearing a dust-mask or some sort of respiratory device to keep your airway clear of any chemical of substance that may still be floating around as this room had a lot of factory waste inside.
The office and kitchen area still remain but are vandalized and there is not much that remain, this is the only piece of notable graffiti in the office area that I have seen, apart from that there was not much else to see, the corridor had a lot of dirt and mess on the walkway where floor from the second floor had partly fell through.



Please note: We do not condone any forms of illegal graffiti or trespassing, All urbex visits have strict rules and regulations, the building is always left in the same way it was when entered and no items/objects are removed/stolen from the building (No matter what the value is.)

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