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Grange Park Maisonette - Northampton - Section B (DEMOLISHED)


This building is a derelict maisonette on the border of the newly developed Grange Park housing estate in Northampton, This building can be seen when traveling down the A45 Southbound near the M1, the building is directly opposite the Hilton Hotel. When we first came across this building we thought it was one big house, once inside it felt like it was smaller, that is when we realized this building was a maisonette, sadly Section A (Front) is blocked off however section B can be entered from the rear. The building is in a VERY bad condition so caution had to be taken, some walls had collapsed and most of the roof has been taken away probably due to weathering. This house is heavily graffitied mainly by Northampton's local "NFA" boys, some of the art inside the house is extremely impressive, there is a stairwell with a length long piece of graffiti art stretching up the stairs that is a must see piece.


When upstairs most of the flooring has been broken and the only footing is the timber beams that are keeping the structure of the house together, the stairwell is safe to climb as is completely constructed out of concrete however the upper level does not offer much to see. There has been allot of tales about the history of this house from simply people living there and working up at the local service station to the house being a huge crack den, sadly I cannot confirm any of these tales as after researching as much as I could nothing came up.
This house is a hotspot for local photographers to do urban photography and modeling.



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