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Northampton Workhouse/Asylum (Far Left Building) - Photo Included


Northampton Union Workhouse was erected 1836 on Wellingborough Road, Northampton to accommodate 300 inmates, from designs by G. Gilbert Scott. It became known as St Edmunds Workhouse, and later St Edmunds Hospital.

The Hospital was closed in 1998 and services relocated. The building is still there to date but has been heavily vandalized by junkies and common vandals, Damage includes 100's of smashed windows, collapsed ceilings, doors ripped from hinges and on one particular site a whole floor has heavy fire damage. The site still contains small amounts of medical waste and very high amounts of used syringes that near-by junkies have left behind. If anyone is interested in visiting the site I strongly recommend visiting during the day and with a team. I will hold no liability for people being attacked or injured at this site.


In July 2009, Me and a good friend visited the far left building which consisted of three floors, a basement and a loft. The basement was not visited and nor was the loft due to safety reasons. This building included what we believe to be a visiting area, staff quarters, three medical wards, a waiting area and a storage room. Below are photo's of our visit.

I believe that on the ground floor was the staff quarters, store area and waiting rooms, the second and third floor contained several wards and storage area's - We did not use the lifts as the building does not have any power supply and it would have been very unsafe.



KieranJones 2 August 2009 at 14:14  

All comments are very much appreciated! Thank-you.

Sick Britain 4 August 2009 at 23:36  

Hi, this place looks interesting although I do tend to avoid tramp/junkie hang-out spots as things tend to get a little awkward but this place might just tempt me!

Lizzclare 25 March 2013 at 07:33  

wow my ancestor Thomas Clarke died there in 1905, facinating

Unknown 6 April 2017 at 05:52  

It got demolished

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